In business and in life – sometimes “SHIFT HAPPENS” – those unexpected bumps in the road that can take us out (if we’re not prepared).

In the past week, a major network marketing company made a change to its compensation plan that has stripped the income of many of its distributors. If you were one of the distributors affected by the change, I’m truly sorry and I hope you don’t lose faith in your dream or this profession.

Thankfully these “big company changes” are rare, but often network marketers can get fearful something will happen to their company (or start doubting the profession as a whole).

Here’s a few key tips that will help you navigate (or be prepared) in case “shift happens” in your company.

  1. Don’t Panic – You Can Survive a Company Change.

Although there are a handful of companies who’ve changed owners, changed their compensation plans or shut their doors for good, these event are relatively rare, so don’t panic.

It might be easy to see these events as a failing of network marketing – but company changes happen in all kinds of business. Look at the corporate world. They are always changing, buying other companies, restructuring to avoid bankruptcy, re-branding themselves in the marketplace, etc. It’s just part of companies surviving and thriving in the ever changing world.

Network marketing is no different, these kinds of event are very rare, so keep the faith that you are in one of the best businesses around.

I’ve coached several top leaders through internal changes in their company (changes in management, changes in their comp plan, etc.) and although these were unexpected and a little stressful, often it worked out better in the end.

I’ve also coached leaders who’s companies shut their doors. They had to take a step back, evaluate their options, and decide where to go next.

It’s stressful, but definitely not the end of the world, Especially if you know that…

  1. It’s Important to Have a Personal Brand.

When these events do happen it’s a good reminder that it’s important to be branding YOURSELF first in the marketplace.

You already represent a brand – your company – and of course you wouldn’t have partnered with them if you didn’t love their products and business. But it’s even more important for you to brand yourself. You want your prospects or social media network to know YOU – as a person, and how you can help them.

Your company is more like your vendor. It’s your manufacturer and distributor. Of course you’re going to talk it up with all your prospects, customers and business partners, but you don’t want it to be the ONLY thing you talk about.

If you don’t have a personal brand and something happens to your company – you’re out of business. If you do have a personal brand it’s easier to find another company to partner with and it doesn’t cause as much disruption with your customers, or your team.

You’re unplugging from one vendor and moving to another, but you still stand for the same values, benefits, etc. that your audience knows you by.

  1. Be Sensitive to Your Fellow Network Marketers

When a company goes through a big change, the people in the field are sometimes deeply affected. In some cases, changes in compensation plans or leadership in an organization, can leave distributors feeling like they are in a messy, unexpected divorce.

Network marketing professionals in other companies often descend on these people with invitations to join their team, but it’s too much too soon. Imagine if you were going through a messy divorce and were suddenly flooded with messages and offers of marriage!

Be classy – offer your support and solidarity – and be sensitive to what people are going through.

Watch this short video below to learn THREE IMPORTANT TIPS to help you survive – and thrive – if you’re company makes a big change.

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Sonia StringerSonia Stringer is a professional speaker, business coach, and popular mentor to 550,000 women in the network marketing/direct selling profession.  Sonia is known for helping women find hundreds of  “perfect prospects” and turning these contacts into fans, loyal customers and committed business partners.

She has personally coached over 2500 6 and 7-figure leaders and thousands more distributors from almost every network marketing/direct selling company. Her classy, elegant approach to selling and recruiting resonates deeply with savvy women who want to make network marketing and direct sales THE business of choice worldwide.

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