Meet Academy Student – Betty Ann Sudbury

Find out how Betty Ann is using Facebook to...

• 5X her business volume in the last year AND recruit 36 new team members...
• attract 600 NEW qualified prospects in January (without sending a SINGLE friend request)
create a post that got shared 700 times (which is already bringing her new business partners)...

7 people on her team are rank advancing because they are duplicating her strategies...
and she's doing it all on Facebook without turning off her friends, family or wasting hours of time.

Watch the video below so you can duplicate her approach!

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Congratulations to our Academy Students!

We're seeing so many powerful changes and inspiring results happening for our Academy Students.

Here's just a small sample of how the school is helping women experience big breakthroughs in their actions, results and team growth.

All of this in just a few months, and there's still so many great lessons and tools coming.

We can't wait to see where you and your business will be a year from now!


Sonia and the Biz Academy Team

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