Bonus Training for Stream Associates

It was fabulous to meet you all at the IGNITION event, and as promised, here’s some bonus training to help you grow your Stream business using Facebook!

If you want to achieve 300 Club this year, Facebook can be a powerful tool to find new associates.

Watch the videos below to learn some helpful strategies to get you started!

Video #1 – How Betty Ann 5X Her Business and Recruited 36 Leaders on Facebook

Betty Ann is a student in my “Business Academy” and she’s absolutely crushing it on Facebook! In the last 6 months, she has 5X the size of her business, recruited 36 new team members, and is now generating HUNDREDS of new leads every month. (Even better, her TEAM is now duplicating her results – she had 7 rank advance in just the last month).

Watch this short video and learn exactly what she’s doing to grow her team (without being sales-y or spending a ton of time online).

Video #2 – Curiosity Posts: Inspire Your Facebook Contacts to Ask YOU for Info On Your Stream Biz

Learn how to create “curiosity posts” on your Facebook profile. This kind of content helps your Facebook contacts see how your Stream business can benefit them, and will inspire more people to contact YOU asking for details about your business.

Watch this short video and learn a helpful formula to create your own curiosity posts.

Video #3 – How to Use Facebook LIVE Video to Recruit New Associates

Using Facebook LIVE video helps you get noticed on Facebook and introduce more people to your business.

Going LIVE will help you recruit new associates (and there’s a way to use this, even if you are camera shy).

Watch this video (and download the handout below) for all the details you need to get started shooting live videos that can grow your team!

Want to learn more?

​These videos are just a SMALL sample of what you’ll get in the “Business Academy”
(my on-line school for network marketing professionals like you).

If you like what you’ve seen so far, come and join us!

I’d love to support you in growing your Stream business (300 club here we come)!

I’ve extended the 50% conference discount for a few more days (but it ends soon!)

Love and success,

Business Academy For Women In Network Marketing