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Sonia Stringer has built a multiple 7-figure business
using 2 TOOLS – her laptop and social media –
...and her simple strategies can work for you too!

Sonia Stringer

Your Coach – Sonia Stringer
Mentor to 550,000 Women in Ntwk Mktg

Join her for this free masterclass and get ready to learn...

  1. 3 very common mistakes women make on social media (these are important because they are costing you a LOT of sales and recruiting opportunities)…
  2. Profile, Page or Group – what’s the best tool to grow your biz (and which are a complete waste of time?)
  3. Learn how to control who sees your content - so you can keep your family photos private (and your friends from seeing messages about your business)
  4. A comfortable, classy way to bring up your business with your Facebook contacts (so they get curious and want to learn more)
  5. How to create content and posts that get people contacting YOU to ask about your products and business
  6. How to get started using live video to quickly grow your team and income

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This class is a MUST ATTEND if….

  • You’re new to social media, and want to get started right (so you don’t waste valuable time)
  • You’re more experienced with using Facebook, but you’re ready to get better results in less time
  • You don’t want to look sales-y or send spammy messages (and turn off your contacts)
  • You want to get your content seen in the newsfeed – so you can attract high quality leads
  • You’re spending a lot of time online but not generating many customers or business partners
  • You see the potential with live video (but feel a bit nervous about being on camera)
  • You’re not sure what to say to turn your “connections” into new customers and biz partners

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Meet Your Coach – Sonia Stringer

Sonia Stringer has built a multiple 7-figure business using 2 main tools, her laptop and social media - so it’s not surprising that she LOVES helping other women grow their businesses through this powerful platform.

If you want to find new customers and grow your team (without being sales-y or wasting hours of valuable time), you’ll love her elegant and powerful approach.

Sonia is also a professional speaker, business coach and founder of the “Business Academy for Women” – the first and only on-line school for women in ntwk mktg, with students from over 36 different countries.

Through her on-line TV show and podcast, she teaches business strategies to over 550,000 women in the ntwk mktg profession, helping them create more INCOME and IMPACT through their businesses.

A former National Sales Trainer with peak performance expert Anthony Robbins, Sonia speaks frequently at major company conferences in North America, Europe and Australia.

In 2014 she launched the “Believe” conference – the FIRST major generic conference for women in ntwk mktg. Her last event was attended by 1200 women from 12 countries and 42 different ntwk mktg companies.


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