Building Your Network Marketing Business Just Got a Whole Lot Easier!

You’re just seconds away from the elegant strategies and support that will help you create a 6-figure+ business and a lifestyle you love.

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There are SO many smart reasons
women are starting network marketing businesses!

You might be a mom who wants to work from  home so you can spend more time with your kids... 

Maybe you're sick of the corporate 9 to 5 grind - you want to "call the shots" and have more say over when you work (and how much you make)...

Or perhaps your kids are all grown up - and this business is a chance to do something meaningful for YOU...  

Or you might want extra money for retirement, so you (and your partner) can feel more secure and comfortable...

Whatever your reasons, I ACKNOWLEDGE YOU - because building a network marketing business is THE smartest choice for women who want financial AND time freedom

But like all things worthwhile, this journey isn't always an easy one...  

For example, can you relate to any of these common challenges....?

  • You LOVE your products and company, but hate “selling.”  You feel uncomfortable approaching people, so you often hold back when you should be sharing! 
  • Your friends and family don’t “see what you see” (and you're understandably frustrated). People say your products are “too expensive” or they “don’t have time” for your business (which kills you, because you KNOW how much they need this!) 
  • You’re on a “rejection roller coaster;” some days you feel inspired and excited, other days you can’t get yourself to take action (and your results show it).  
  • You have no problem selling your products, but ​can't find people who want to build a business with you. Most people just don’t ‘get’ network marketing and give you all kinds of excuses why this "isn't for them". 
  • You've talked to all your warm market contacts, need to find more leads for your business (but aren't sure where to start).
  • Your family or partner doesn’t support you in your business, and you feel like you're doing this "all on your own".  
  • You see others in your company succeeding, but are frustrated because you’re not making the money you hoped. Your confidence and belief is waning and you secretly wonder if you've got what it takes to succeed in this business.    
  • You see other women are growing their teams using Facebook, Instagram and other social media tools, but you aren't sure where to start (and are afraid your friends and family will be turned off with updates about your business).  
  • Your business is doing ok, but you've been stuck at the same level for awhile. You need a way to make more money, without it taking so much time and effort.
If you're experiencing any of these challenges -
please know there's nothing wrong with YOU... 
...but you may be getting side-tracked by the
3 common mistakes that cause most network marketing businesses to fail or stall...

Mistake #1) You're talking to the WRONG prospects! 

Many women in network marketing aren't getting great results because you're talking to the WRONG prospects!

You may have heard your well-meaning upline tell you "everyone is a prospect, everyone needs our product."  I'm sorry, but that just isn't true.  Some people are the perfect fit for what you have  (and others, frankly, will just waste your time).  There's a good chance that you're prospecting the "wrong" people, and that's why you're hearing "no" so often. 

Talking to your 'friends and family" isn't enough. To get your business moving, you need to know who your PERFECT PROSPECTS are - the people who really NEED your products and business (and you need to know WHERE to find them too).

Most women haven't been taught how to do this well, and it's a big KEY to your success. When you get this right, you'll only be talking to the people most likely to say YES (which means you are set up for more success right out of the gate!)  

Mistake #2) What you're SAYING isn't working!

If you're not making the money you want yet in your biz, it's likely not because of what you're  DOING, but what you're SAYING  (....and it's NOT your fault).

Many women are using a scripted or "sales-y" way to talk about their products and their opportunity (often passed down from male leaders in network marketing companies - sorry guys!)

Not only does this way of selling feel totally "icky" for womenit just doesn't work (most prospects today are quickly turned off by the "hype-y, hard sell" approach).  

To get people excited to buy from you or join your team, you need an elegant way to talk to prospects so they can see WHY they need what you have. You need to know what to say so people 'get It" - they see the value in what you're sharing, and get excited to take action!

When you nail this - it's a game changer! You'll not only IMMEDIATELY make more sales and recruit more people (but you'll feel more comfortable and authentic too!)  

Mistake #3) You aren't reaching enough people! 

Once you're connecting with the right people, and saying the right things, then to really make great money with your business requires just one more thing - you need to be sharing your products and opportunity with a  LOT more people! 

How can you do this if you're short on time (or live in a smaller town or rural area?)  The answer is Facebook and Instagram. Social media can help you find hundreds of ideal prospects at the push of a button (but these tools alone aren't enough).

To get real leverage in your business, you need to know HOW to use social media effectively (otherwise you'll waste valuable time, and get few results). Most women are making social media too complicated (and are also missing a few key things that make a huge difference). When it comes to social media, it's NOT about "doing everything"  - it's about "doing the right things" consistently! 

When you know how to use Facebook effectively, you can get your products and opportunity in front of hundreds of your perfect prospects.  This kind of "leverage" is the secret to building a 6figure + business (with less time and effort than traditional prospecting).  

The "Dirty Little Secret" of the Network Marketing Profession

Although there is SO much opportunity to create financial and time

freedom with a network marketing business, the "dirty little secret" in this profession

is that only a small percentage of women will likely achieve these goals

(and in most cases, it's truly not their fault) 

The main reason for this (as you've likely seen by now) is that many women are talking to the wrong prospects, using sales-y, ineffective messages, OR wasting valuable time doing the "wrong things" with Facebook & social media...

However, these 3 problems are solvable - and once you know what to do, the path is paved for you to create a very successful network marketing business - one that helps you create an exciting income, a high-quality lifestyle and the chance to make a real difference for other people...  

The key to exciting growth in your biz is a simple but powerful 3-step plan - 

and with your permission, that's what I'd LOVE to

show you how to create... 


The Business Academy For Women
In Network Marketing

​This academy is the first and only school 100% focused on helping WOMEN in network marketing create 6+figure businesses from home. 

I've taken everything I've learned from building my own multiple 7-figure business and a network of over 550,000 women, and structured it into this easy to learn (and easy to use) format.

​This is the ONLY program in the network marketing profession that will show you, step by step, WHERE to find hundreds of your perfect prospects...

WHAT TO SAY so your prospects "see the value" and get excited to buy from you and join your team...  

and HOW TO REACH MORE PEOPLE and scale your business using simple by effective social media techniques.    

The end result - a business that pays you well, frees up your time and helps you make a positive difference in the lives of many people. 

Academy on Devices

​Here's How It All Breaks Down...
Your 3-Step Plan to Build a 6-figure+ Network Marketing Business...

1. LEADS - Find Hundreds of Your Perfect Prospects (Locally + Online)

The first thing you'll learn when you join the Academy is how to identify and find the right LEADS for your business.

These are those "perfect prospects" - beyond just your "friends and family" these are the people who truly NEED your products and business (and in some cases, are already looking for what you have). This is SO important, because if you're talking to the "wrong people" you could (literally) be selling the "cure to cancer" and you're still going to hear "No Thanks". 

​However, when you know who YOUR perfect prospects are, you are instantly set up for greater success. ​In the Academy, you'll not only discover WHICH leads to focus on (this might surprise you) but also WHERE to find hundreds of these ideal prospects. Even if you've struggled to find leads in the past,
with this simple step by step plan, you can create a pipeline FULL of the people most likely to say "YES".


  • Discover Your "Perfect Prospects" (It's Probably NOT Who You Think It Is):  ​Walk through a simple 5-step process (and a "quiz") to help you identify the people who are your absolute perfect prospects - the ones most likely to buy from you and join your team!  
  • Attract Your Perfect Prospects With a Personal Brand Message:  Learn how to create a “personal brand" so that your ideal prospects recognize YOU as someone who can help them. When you get this right, more leads will be coming to YOU, asking for details about your products and opportunity.
  • Find Your Perfect Prospects In Your Local Area:  Learn 5 of the BEST places to locate your perfect prospects in your local area (including how to locate lesser known networking groups, Meet Up Groups, tradeshows, etc) .
  • Network Like a Pro - What to Say So People Want to Learn More About Your Products / Biz:  Discover a classy approach to building a HUGE network of fabulous contacts, and what to say to get people curious to learn more about your products or business (without things feeling weird). 
  • Find Your Perfect Prospects On the Internet: ​In addition to networking in your local area, you'll also learn where to find the best leads online. Should you be using Facebook or Instagram for the best results? What about LinkedIn or YouTube (smart choice or waste of time)? I'll help get up to speed on all the social media platforms so you know where to invest your time for the best results (and never run out of quality leads!)

As you complete the lessons in Module 1, you'll be building out a large network of high-quality leads, and developing relationships that make it easy to introduce them to your products and opportunity. Then the next step to a bigger monthly check is...

2. LANGUAGE - Use "Magic Words" to Elegantly Convert Your Leads Into Customers and Business Partners

Once you have a full pipeline of great prospects, the next step is to convert your contacts into customers and business partners.  But how to do this without feeling sales-y, weird or experiencing those uncomfortable moments when people say "no!". 

That's where the right "language" comes in and in this module, you'll ​learn a very elegant and effective way to talk to people so they "get the value" of what you're sharing (and get excited to take action). I call these skills "Magic Words" because they really do work like "magic".

Even if you hate selling, you'll find it's so much easier to get great results when you have the right words. When you get this right, you​'ll see an IMMEDIATE difference in your sales and sponsoring results (and you'll love the low-key, non-sales-y approach).  


  • ​Convert Your Cold Leads Into Customers and Business Partners:  Learn the 5 steps that will turn "cold leads" into "hot prospects" ready to take action.  Once you understand the 'prospect journey' - you'll know exactly what to do and say at every step to elegantly convert your contacts into customers and business partners.
  • Irresistible Invitations - Get People Curious to Learn More About  Your Products / Biz:  In this lesson, you'll learn how to elegantly invite your contacts to learn more about your products and company. When you use this 4 step outline, you'll spark people's curiosity and inspire many more to take a closer look at what you've got.  
  • Magic Words That Bring You Business:  This is a big turning point for you - because in this lesson, you'll learn this powerful "Magic Words" approach. This elegant way of sharing your products and opportunity makes it SO much easier for people to “see what you see” and get excited to buy from you and join you team.
  • Conversations That Convert:  Once you have the "Magic Words" under your belt, you'll be ready to take this a little further and learn a simple but super-effective 5-step conversation that will help you recruit more people into your team. Even if you've struggled with recruiting in the past, you'll love this classy approach that basically "does the selling for you". 
  • Handle Objections Like a Pro:  You'll also learn how to handle ALL the common objections that come up (no time, no money, I'm not a salesperson, need to talk to my partner, etc). Once you've nailed this, you'll no longer lose out on sales and team members (and you'll feel a heck of a lot more confident anytime those objections come up!)
  • Follow Up Skills:  If some of your prospects aren't ready to make a decision today, you'll also learn an elegant way to follow up so you don't lose out on those opportunities. Once you know this simple approach, you'll be able to get more people to return your calls (and say YES to joining you in the business).

​As you complete the lessons in Module 2, you'll not only feel a LOT more confident talking to your prospects, but you'll be creating better results too! At this point, the one thing missing to really get your business growing is... 

3. LEVERAGE - Reach More People And Ignite Your Business With Facebook and Social Media Tools

​Now that you're connecting with the right  prospects (and converting more of them into customers and team members) there's only one thing missing to get your business to 6-figures and beyond... you need to reach more people!    

​At the moment, there is NO better way to do that than to leverage your time and efforts with social media tools, especially Facebook!

​Even though social media sites can help you connect with hundreds (even thousands) of your perfect prospects, this isn't about sending spammy messages to all your contacts. In fact, the less "sales-y" you are on Facebook, the better your results.

It's all about knowing the few key things that make the biggest difference, and doing those consistently. Once you have this down, you can see your results compound, month after month, and scaling your business (​and your income) gets easier as you build more and more momentum.  


  • ​Facebook Fundamentals - Set Yourself Up for Business: The first thing you'll learn is how to set up a "home base" on Facebook that will help you quickly attract the right prospects. You'll learn whether to use a "profile", "page" or "group" (you might be surprised at the answer) and how to optimize each one for best results. Once you have these initial steps handled, you'll not only "look like a total pro" but you'll be attracting professional contacts to you (perhaps your next big leader will be among them?)
  • ​Build a Huge Network of Perfect Prospects:  The next step is to grow your network and this is easy (and fun) when you know who you're looking for, and where to find them! You'll learn an elegant way to reach out to contacts, and get them into conversations that pave the way for you to introduce them to your product and business (without things feeling salesy or uncomfortable). 
  • Control Who Sees What And Protect Your Family's Privacy:  Many women are (understandably) concerned about strangers seeing personal photos of their family on Facebook. In this lesson, you'll learn how to segment your contacts into lists, so that your private stuff stays private (but you can still keep in touch with the in-laws and other family members). This strategy helps you control "who sees what" on Facebook. You'll learn how to reach NEW prospects more effectively (without spamming your family or close friends with updates about your business).  
  • Create Content That Gets Tons of Engagement:  Once you have new and valuable connections, the next step is to stay in front of them on a regular basis. This is easy when you know how to create content that gets seen in the Facebook newsfeed! If you're looking for more likes, shares and comments, you're going to LOVE this part of the training. You'll be excited to see the kind of engagement  you can get when you use these simple tips (and even MORE excited when you learn how to turn these contacts into new customers and biz partners!)
  •  Create Content That Inspires People to Contact YOU About Your Products and Opportunity: Another huge turning point on Facebook is when you learn this strategy - how to put out content in the newsfeed that inspires people to contact YOU, asking you for more details on your products or opportunity. The best part, this content ISN'T sales-y (in fact, it's the complete opposite) but it works really well! Some of my Academy students got results the very first time they tried this strategy, and I can't wait to share it with you! 
  • Ignite Your Business With Facebook LIVE VIdeo:  ​Once you've handled the basics on Facebook, you'll be ready to ignite your growth and NOTHING does that better than going LIVE on Facebook. You'll learn simple ways to create Facebook videos that turn your contacts into "raving fans" who are excited to buy from you (and join your team). You don't have to use Facebook Live to be successful on social media (but it definitely makes a ​differnce)  The good news is you can get started without even having to put yourself on camera (I'll show you how)
  • Create Massive Growth And Support Your Team With Facebook Groups:  The only thing left if you want to truly scale your business is to tap into the power of Facebook groups! When you know how to set up an effective group on Facebook - it can "do the selling for you" (and quickly generate more customers or team members). It can also help your TEAM grow their businesses at the same time (double bonus). You'll learn how to do all of this, and set up a group that will become THE biggest business-building asset you have. 

As you complete the lessons in Module 3, you'll be on your way to scaling your business to 6 figures and beyond. This is when things get truly exciting, as your business creates more INCOME for you and huge, positive IMPACT in the lives of other people!   

Before We Go Further,
Let Me Quickly Introduce Myself...​

Sonia Stringer

Hi, I’m Sonia Stringer! We probably know each other, but just in case we're meeting for the first time, I'm a business coach, a professional speaker and I’ve spent the last 25 years helping women build successful network marketing businesses.

In addition to speaking and training for many of the top network marketing companies, I've been blessed to have personally coached hundreds of THE most successful women in network marketing (6 and 7-figure earners).

I’ve worked with women from pretty much every major company so I’ve developed some powerful insight into what's working for women in network marketing (and what isn't).

I've used the 3-step approach I teach in the Academy to build a network of over 550,000 women and a multiple 7 figure business (using mostly my laptop and Facebook) - and I'm proud to say I've accomplished ALL of this using only elegant, "attraction marketing" techniques (I'm just NOT your typical "salesperson"-  but I do love serving others, and these 3 steps have definitely helped me do that). 

I launched the "Business Academy for Women" as a way to help as many women as possible learn these powerful 3 steps so you can create more income and impact with your own business too.  ​I'm SO thrilled to see what's happening! 

Many of my Academy students are creating fabulous results and progress (without being sales-y, pushy or turning off friends and family).

Here's just a sample of the updates I see every week from students in the Business Academy...  

Sherri Hoerauf






The Academy is not only about LEARNING – it’s about putting what you learn INTO ACTION so you get results quickly!

Unlike a typical self-study course (which few people actually complete)I have built things into the Business Academy that will help you USE what you learn to create quick wins in your business, including:

Go-At-Your-Own-Pace Training Lessons

​When you join the Academy, you get instant access to​ a full library of great content, designed to help you master all 3 steps outlined above - LEADS - LANGUAGE and LEVERAGE!  

You can access this training 24-7 from anywhere in the world, so you can learn at your own pace and on a schedule that works for you.

Sonia Stringer

Live Q and A Sessions with Sonia

You’ll also get extra help through our weekly LIVE coaching and Q and A calls.  This is your chance to get help if you need it.

You can bring any questions you have and get coaching from myself (and other students) so you create results in your biz as quickly as possible.

Private Facebook Group

You’ll also get to connect with women from many different many companies in our private Facebook group!

You can ask questions on any of the lessons, get feedback on your ideas, and brainstorm with savvy women from around the world.

You’ll also learn “what’s working” for women in other companies and be able to test out those ideas in your own business.

Goal Setting/Action Tracker Tool

There's an entire other level to the Academy I haven't even mentioned, but this will help you set effective 90 Day Goals AND track your actions so you stay on track  

This process makes it fun – and EASY – to stick to your numbers so you achieve the results that are most important to you - as quickly as possible.

Study Groups - Get Additional Support From Your Fellow Students

If you want to practice your new skills, get feedback or additional support, you also have the option to plug into a a small study group to help you stay on track.  

This is an amazing opportunity to make new friends from other countries and get extra help so you stay in action and make steady and exciting progress on your 90 Day Goals.  

Bottom Line - Everything You Get In The Academy Will Help You To:

Build a business you LOVE and an exciting income, so you can finally have the freedom and lifestyle you want.

Create consistent results month after month that keep you motivated and in action.

Become a fabulous ambassador,  someone who changes people’s negative perception about network marketing.

Recruit serious people who previously wouldn’t have been interested in your opportunity.

Help your team get great results, so you can all help more people through your business.

Get the respect you deserve (when the skeptics in your life see your progress and results).

"Wow, This is Exciting! So What’s the Investment to Become a
Student In The Academy?"

​Here's where things get really exciting, because if you were to purchase each of the 3 "training bundles" and other coaching time you get in the Academy, here's how it would break down: 

What's Included


Step 1 – LEADS - Find Perfect Prospects Training Bundle


Step 2 – ​LANGUAGE - Magic Words Training Bundle


Step 3 – LEVERAGE - Facebook /Social Media Training Bundle


Live Q and A Sessions with Sonia (over 12 months)


Private Facebook Group Support (over 12 months)


Total Value of Training and Bonuses:


BUT, Instead of Paying $4900, you get access to
ALL of this training and support for only
$99/month (and you can cancel anytime)

Why Am I Giving So Much - And Charging So Little?

​The training and support you'll get in the Academy is truly worth $4900. (In fact, it's worth a lot more than that when you see the difference these strategies can make in the long term growth of your business, and your monthly check).

​​So why am I charging so little to join?

The answer is simple: First, I have been blessed with fabulous mentors and opportunities, and this is my way to pay it forward.

Also - I know that​ the longer you stay in the Academy and work with me, the bigger your business will grow. You can see results pretty quickly once you learn these skills, but you'll see bigger results every month you stay active in the school.  

So by charging an affordable monthly fee, it not only ​makes it easy for you to get started now, but to stay involved for longer. This isn't your regular "do it all on your own" kind of program - you'll be interacting with me and learning new things every single week, and those results compound month after month after month.   

​I also set things up so there's no "monthly contract" (so you can leave at any time) but I really hope you'll commit to investing in the Academy for at least 6 months.  As you'll see in the examples below, some of my students have tripled, 5X and even 10x'd their business growth within that time frame, and I'd love to help you create those kinds of results too! Check out these inspiring examples... ​

Lindsay Kusy

"I've Increased To Over $7,000 In Monthly Sales Volume"

Before I started coaching with Sonia, my business had stayed at about the same level for awhile, and I was generating $2000 a month in sales.

Since I started working with Sonia, I’ve increased to over $7000 in monthly sales volume, recruited 4 new leaders and just advanced TWO levels in my company in the last month. 

I feel so much more confident and am excited to see where my business is going to go this year.

Kelowna BC, Canada

Betty Anne Sudbury

"My Business Has Grown 500%
in 6 Months"

After a seven-year break, I was re-launching my business and wanted to get things growing quickly.

Since working with Sonia, my business has grown 500% in the last 6 months and I’m bringing on 6-8 new people every month in my business.

Unlike what I was taught in my company - I feel I am really helping people and this “no pressure” approach makes selling and recruiting easy.

Sorrento, FL. USA

Brianna Anninger

"My Team Volume Has Grown From $2000 to over $20,000"

Getting coached by Sonia has completely changed my life and business. When I first started with her, I was struggling and afraid to talk to anyone.

In the last 6 months my team volume has grown from $2000 to over $20,000, I’ve personally sponsored 32 people, earned $16k in bonuses and qualified for three company trips.

More importantly I now live in my “courageous zone” and enjoy building my business.

Raeford, NC. USA

Fast Action Bonus!
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"Believe Conference" Training Program As Your FREE Gift

Learn the elegant business-building secrets of women earning
multiple 6 and 7 figures in network marketing....

If you enroll right now, you’ll also get instant access to the videos from my last BELIEVE conference for WOMEN in network marketing – featuring 20+ hours of training with some of the most successful women in the network marketing profession.

You’ll learn the “best kept success secrets” of these savvy 7-figure leaders, including:

  • Where to find the people who’ll become your top leaders 
  • How to keep your team motivated and in action (even in challenging times)
  • How to use personal branding to attract professional and corporate women into your team
  • Follow up and closing skills that work wonders for women
  • How to create a team culture that is fun and breeds strong leaders 
  • How to use Facebook, Youtube, Instagram and other tools to grow and empower their teams
  • Tips to set up your schedule so you can build strong without burning out 
  • How to deal with internal company challenges (or difficult upline/downline people) gracefully 
  • How to change people’s negative options about network marketing and recruit people who previously wouldn’t have joined your business 

Get Instant Access to The Academy Now!

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BEST VALUE: Save $400 when you join on an annual subscription!

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When you become a member, you’ll have instant access to over $5400 worth of content in our Academy website.  For this reason, we regret we are not able to offer any refunds when you purchase a monthly membership.

However, you can cancel your membership ANYTIME by notifying our customer service team at the phone number or email above.









Not Sure if the Business Academy for Women is For You?

The Business Academy for Women is NOT for everyone and truth be told I’d prefer to help you figure out if it’s NOT right for you before you join rather than waste your time.

Let me take a moment to answer any questions you have, including... 

I’m just starting a network marketing/direct sales business, is this the right training for me?

I’m a more experienced leader, will I still get value in this training?

I have a unique kind of business/service/product - will these ideas still work?

I’m really busy right now. What if I can’t get through all the training?

Why should I join today instead of waiting?

What if I decide this school isn’t for me?

Am I locked in for a year with the monthly payment?

Can men join the academy too?

Can I upgrade to the annual rate later?

I have a question that’s not being answered here – how can I contact you?

Get Instant Access to The Academy Now!

If you’re ready to get your business growing by enrolling in the Business Academy for Women in Network Marketing, simply choose your payment option below and click the button to join us…

(no contract - cancel anytime)



Pay as you go - cancel anytime

Save $400 for year



BEST VALUE: Save $400 when you join on an annual subscription!

Need Help Ordering or Have Questions?

If you have any questions or concerns about the Academy, please contact us.

Call us:

When you become a member, you’ll have instant access to over $5400 worth of content in our Academy website.  For this reason, we regret we are not able to offer any refunds when you purchase a monthly membership.

However, you can cancel your membership ANYTIME by notifying our customer service team at the phone number or email above.